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Production Analysis for Royalty Owners

Custom Oil and Gas Royalty Forecasts

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At Petrolitix, we believe every royalty and mineral owner should understand the potential future revenue from his or her oil and gas lease. An oil and gas royalty forecast is a valuable financial planning tool which helps royalty and mineral owners estimate future oil and gas income. At Petrolitix, we prepare professional and affordable royalty forecasts for individuals, without an offer to purchase royalties or minerals.

Unlike many of the free royalty calculators available online, a Petrolitix royalty forecast uses the petroleum industry standard method of decline curve analysis, which relies on historic data to develop a mathematical model to predict future production.  Estimates of future oil and gas prices, taxes and fees, as well as ownership percentage are applied to develop an estimated monthly royalty payment for the life of the well.

Each royalty forecast consists of the following:
  • A summary of well or lease information such as:
    • Well, lease, or unit name
    • API number
    • Location
    • Operating company
    • Producing formation
    • Ownership

  • A graphical and tabular summary of:
    • Historic and forecasted production
    • Forecasted oil and gas prices
    • Forecasted monthly revenue

  • Complete details of the information and assumptions used to develop the forecast

An optional certification stamp by a professional engineer can be applied to any forecast.

It is important to remember that a royalty forecast is not a valuation of mineral rights, but rather a reasonable estimate of future revenue.  As with any prediction, its uncertainty increases the further it forecasts into the future.

All royalty forecasts are prepared by a Colorado registered professional petroleum engineer with both a Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering in petroleum engineering.

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